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Work At Home Business Tips

For your conveniece we have listed some work at home business tips that is worth reading before choosing to join a home business.

Don't judge a company based on appearances. Just because a company has a flashy website doesn't mean it is legitimate. Websites can be created and up on the Net in a matter of days. After a few weeks of taking money, a site can vanish without a trace in just a few minutes. You may find that the perfect money making opportunity website was a money-maker for the crook and a money-loser for you.
Avoid any plan that pays commissions simply for recruiting additional distributors. Your primary source of income should be your own product sales. If the earnings are not made primarily by sales of goods or services to consumers or sales by distributors under you, you may be dealing with an illegal pyramid. There must be a way to purchase the goods or services without becoming a distributor.
Beware of plans that require you to purchase too much inventory upfront. These plans can collapse quickly -- and also may be thinly-disguised pyramids.
Be cautious of schemes that claim you do little or no work, your downline (those people you've recruited into the plan) will do it for you. It takes a lot of work to make sales and supervise others.
Don't take claims of miracle products at face value. Just because your sponsor says it's true, doesn't mean that it is. Insist on proof that the product works. Check with an independent source to make sure that you aren't having the wool pulled over your eyes.
Do your homework! Check with your state attorney general and the National Fraud Information Center before getting involved -- especially when the claims about the product or potential earnings are extravagant.
Beware of shills -- people paid by the company to lie about how much they've earned and how easy the plan was to operate.
Don't agree to anything in a high pressure meeting or seminar. Insist on having time to think it over and to discuss things with a spouse, partner or even your lawyer. If a company won't give you the time you need to check it out and think things over, you don't want to do business with it. A good deal now will be a good deal tomorrow; the only reason for rushing you is if the company has something to hide.
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